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Akira the Don - Hypocrite Akira the Don - Hypocrite

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sweet Song and Top-Notch Animation

Excellent job all around! I've watched this over a dozen times and will likely watch it at least a dozen more. The song itself is catchy, witty, and pretty damn funny. I will say the sound production was a LITTLE weak. Where's the interscope funding (or maybe they did ATD like they do dredg...)???

Anywho, not too important. The weaknesses in sound production are more than made up for by the song itself, and the animation that goes with it. Reminded me a bit of the stars wars gangsta rap production. Not so much in the style of drawing, but in the fact there is lots of camera movement and animation that's all blended in VERY well. Not too distracting, but enough to make the entire video feel fluid and entertaining.

Great job!

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Say Something! Say Something!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hahaha funny as shit

great idea, im almost surprised no one has done something like this yet. i think you have done a pretty good job of speaking for everyone who visits any site that includes those obnoxious ads for useless shit. great job with the song and graphics - very creative!

Stop Sign and Soy Sauce Stop Sign and Soy Sauce

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

what the hell did i just watch?

there are so many things wrong with this...primarily the fact that it wasn't funny. how does crap like this get on the front page? it's just terribly voice-acted, poorly executed recycled jokes. do everyone a favor - don't try to make humorous flashes anymore unless you clearly state that it's for 5 year olds. i'd really like to not waste time watching stuff like this.

Aerdail responds:

Then don't watch animations that I submit, easy as that. Now have a nice day and go do mature and intellectual activities

Recent Game Reviews

Bubble Tanks Bubble Tanks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

SO much potential...but only fun for about 15 min

Geometry wars + flow...great idea! The controls were slick as hell, and from my experience with playing flash games that is something not easily mastered and not often seen. The physics felt fluid and added a great dynamic to the game. The combat reminded me of Subspace a little, but not quite so difficult. The upgrades were cool, the variety in enemies wasn't bad, and the controls were perfect.

So why didn't you do more with it??? The game ends up being a simple, repetitive click-fest with NO fear of losing. No fear of losing equals no real intensity for a game like this...I ended up just running into everything awhile clicking as fast as possible and didn't come close to dying. I saw all of these cool looking boss-type enemies with cool homing missiles and firing patterns, but i didn't have to worry in the slightest.

In short, HARDER NEXT TIME! You have a GREAT physics/movement engine that's easy to learn but would take time to master. Good job though =)

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Murloc RPG Murloc RPG

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not terrible, but very boring...

this game was obviously put together well. the item system was very smooth and felt natural. the graphics, though 99% unoriginal, was at least very well implemented. the array of skills and items was also a very nice to see - this did feel a good deal like WoW in simplified flash form.

however, mechanically speaking, WoW is a little boring. what makes it fun is the vastness and rich environments found in the game, as well as social interaction and combining a bunch of skills in the heat of the battle. it's just..not possible to really capture that in flash. i never came close to losing a battle...and they took FOREVER. i just did the same attack every single time, and it always worked. once you figure out the most efficient way of doing damage there's no reason to ever do anythign else...ALL of the enemies (aside from the boss) just attacked every round anyway. the gameplay involved nothing more than deciding what talents to get (while there were a few it was pretty obvious that the critical one was the best, or at least good enough to carry me through the whole game) and clicking the critical ability then attack EVERY SINGLE ROUND in combat until my magic ran out. i admit i kept playing to see what was coming next, but i woudln't have been able to do so if i had not been talking on aim or listening to music. this game simply fails in innovative or entertaining gameplay.

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Fancy Pants Adventures Fancy Pants Adventures

Rated 5 / 5 stars

absolutely amazing

im not tryign to be melodramatic here - but this is an achievement in flash games. it pushes barriers both technically and stylistically for all flash games so far. it actually captures the FEEL of a real, well-designed platformer! the gameplay was a wonderful mix of various platformer elements (running up curved walls was fun as hell). everything felt natural and smooth; the design was perfect.

please please finish this game!

one bug i noted, though other ppl may have mentioned it, is that if you jump off of the first gun-rat-thing you can fly through the wall and fall off the stage. minor problem, just didn't seem like there was a barrier up high on that wall.

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Recent Audio Reviews

Romance Burden Romance Burden

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great drums/synths, could be mixed better

I love the feedback synth that comes in the middle of the sample! The rest of the synths are solid, and the drum programming sounds tightly wound around the rest of the track.

The overall mixing seems a little weaker than it should be though - namely the sample from sin city is too loud. When it cuts out and the synths/drums fully kick in, there's no "oomph," it instead feels like it LOSES speed because of how overpowering the sample seemed (even though he was speaking in a low, quiet voice). The entire track seems to lack some of that overall. You can tell it should be powerful...but some of the synths/drums just aren't loud enough and don't hit hard enough.

Great songwriting, good melodies/synth selection, but would benefit a lot from better mixing.

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Quarl responds:

ar, good review! I really liked the part where you talked about the mix. That was my favorite. I thought I could have used more feed back on the drums though. All in all, I'll give this review a 9 and a 5. You know... to balance out all the zero voters.

Pico Battle LOOP (38sec) Pico Battle LOOP (38sec)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent parts, solid production

Dig the synths big time! The one that starts protruding from the right in the mix about halfway through sounds cool as hell. They all mix together well both melodically and texturally.

The drums seem almost there, something about them isn't quite hitting though. The writing seems cool, the overall sound to them blends in well, the little breaks w/cymbals are well-written...just something I can't quiteplace that isn't quite bringing it together for me. They just sound a little too seperated from the rest of the mix. They're still quite good overall though.

I actually had this originally as an 8, but after having it on loop for the duration of the loop I started liking it more and more. I'll def be checking out your other stuff on here.

DJR - Running Lullaby DJR - Running Lullaby

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Synth!

The lead synth mixing/writing is badass. The overlaying melodies and pitch shifting create a lot of movement, but it's all tied together very well. Great job with layering/mixing!

As with a lot of drum n bass, you have the drums/bass placed out to simply carry the melody. The melodies are definitely strong enough to have the song structured out in that sense, but the drums end up being a little weak overall. The snare hit is barely audible, and the kit in general sounds a bit muddled w/the bass.

Also, why'd you end it there?? I wanted to hear more experimentation on that melody! It's like you were in the middle of a kickass guitar solo and then just stopped.

Again though, great job overall. Just coulda used a bit more touching up with drums...and about a minute or two of song tacked on to it!